Fees & Donations

Please consider supporting the National Capital Mikvah as part of your charitable donations for 2015. Your donations are vital to keeping the mikvah safe, beautiful, and comfortable for its users.

2015 Fundraising Letter

2015 NCM Contribution Structure and form

Payment Structure for the National Capital Mikvah

Our new standard fees are as follows:

Suggested Usage Fee per Appointment: $25

  • Please note that due to changes in the tax code, this fee is not tax deductible.
  • Donations aside from the usage fee, however, continue to remain tax deductible and are an important source of support for the mikvah.

Annual Membership, i.e. Standard Yearly Contribution: $250

  • This contributes toward a membership status for the year 2015 and is meant for a woman who intends to use the mikvah on a regular basis – it entitles her to use the mikvah for the year without paying the per use fee.
  • Due to changes in tax law this membership fee is not tax deductible.

Other Donations

Because of the vital role of the mikvah in our community, we hope that you will consider donating at a level above the annual membership fee. A tax-deductible donation helps to keep the mikvah safe, beautiful, and comfortable for its users.

Particularly as we approach the end of 2015, please consider supporting the National Capital Mikvah when you plan your end-of-year giving.

Please download and return our 2015 annual usage form. Completed forms can be sent to us at dcmikvahmembership@gmail.com

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment.


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